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The Law Firm Meissner Kozioł Kaczmarek & Partner is independent law firm in Poland. We provide legal services to Polish and non-Polish business entities, in particular to companies operating on the Polish and German market. The firm was established in 2014 in Poznan. Currently, there is a team of lawyers employed in three offices located in Poznan, Warsaw, and Berlin that guarantees our clients the highest standard of legal services in all field related to running a business. The main asset of the firm is the combination of in-depth knowledge with experience and creativity in legal services, which facilitate the most complicated concerns that may arise running the business. We work with entities operating on both sides of the Odra River (Germany and Poland), as well as with companies planning expansion into new markets. We accompany our clients to their daily work and help them make decisions that carry business risk, not limiting ourselves to legal advice alone.


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ul. Wspólna 70

00-687 Warszawa

ul. Palacza 144, 60-279 Poznań

+48 798 607 482

Dietzgenstraße 85

13156 Berlin