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Serving our clients from the medical industry, primarily private clinics, doctor’s offices and dental practices, we guide them through the complex matter of: patients’ rights and obligations of doctors, healthcare facilities, the National Health Fund, as well as other entities providing medical services. The primary role of the highest value and subject of protection, which is human life and health, requires special attention from our lawyers and a specialist approach in providing services to the medical industry.

The MKK Law Firm provides comprehensive legal assistance to Healthcare Institutions in the field of ensuring the correctness of the services provided, compliance with patient rights and medical procedures, keeping medical records and contracts concluded with the National Health Fund.

We have extensive experience in drawing up legal opinions on the prohibition of advertising medical services and the legal forms of promotion and information on the services provided on television, in the press and social media.

Providing legal assistance to clients from the medical industry, we also deal with daily, ongoing, comprehensive services for companies from this industry in matters not related only to medical law, e.g. in the field of negotiating lease agreements, purchase or sale of real estate, corporate matters, disputes between partners.


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