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Our law firm offers legal support by securing the assets of an enterprise in case of its potential financial problems. We also assist our clients in the smooth execution of a business succession, in order to ensure the protection of assets and the continuity of business operations. Thanks to our experience, gained in assisting by domestic and foreign entities based in German-speaking countries, we can offer legal solutions available in Poland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

We offer our Clients:

  •  legal analysis of business risks and development of asset protection strategies;
  •  support in the process of company restructuring, i.e. transformation of companies and their debt reduction;
  •  full legal services in setting up and running private law foundations in Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, and Poland [1].

[1]  Intensive legislative work is currently conducted in Poland to introduce the institution of private foundations into the Polish legal system.


ul. Wspólna 70

00-687 Warszawa

ul. Palacza 144, 60-279 Poznań

+48 798 607 482

Dietzgenstraße 85

13156 Berlin