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We have extensive experience both in the field of provided ongoing legal services to financial institutions, including a leading Polish bank in Germany, and in the field of:

  • negotiating contracts with financial institutions, including collateral contracts,
  • legal support for entrepreneurs in obtaining capital for investments (loan, leasing, factoring contracts, investments of private equity funds),
  • analysis and identification of legal risks in loan agreements and other agreements concluded with banks,
  • legal advice on establishing and transferring collateral,
  • legal advice on contracts for escrow accounts and fiduciary accounts,
  • preparation of legal opinion and analyze in the field of banking law,
  • obtaining licenses and permits for the provision of financial services both in Poland and Germany, including support in contact with the relevant national regulators of the cross-border provision of financial services.

We provide comprehensive services regarding the subject of securities, i.a.:

  • issuing and trading in securities,
  • securing claims by means of securities,
  • recapitalization of investment projects with the use of securities,
  • redemption of securities,
  • pursuing claims from securities,
  • examination of the validity of securities, the correctness of their preparation and circulation, and the enforceability of rights related to the paper,
  • uncovering counterfeiting and fraud using securities.

As one of the few law firms, we are able to offer legal advice in the above-mentioned scope, both in the field of German and Polish law.


ul. Wspólna 70

00-687 Warszawa

ul. Palacza 144, 60-279 Poznań

+48 798 607 482

Dietzgenstraße 85

13156 Berlin