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Sławomir Parus

Sławomir Parus

Sławomir PARUS


Restructuring Advisor

Sławomir Parus is a member of the Chamber of Attorneys in Poznan. He studied at the Adam Mickiewicz University, where he defended his thesis with the topic related to Commercial Companies Law. Moreover, he completed MBA Poznan-Atlanta studies conducted by the Poznan University of Economics and Business in cooperation with Georgia State University in Atlanta. Apart from that, he is a restructuring advisor and appointed receiver or supervisor in bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings.

Attorney-at-law Sławomir Parus gained his professional experience in a noted law firm in Poznan, where he went through the entire professional path – from an attorney-at-law trainee to a vice-chairman of the board. Subsequently, he provided legal assistance to the company managing the investment fund and the fund’s subsidiaries. During his career he has provided services to international companies which coverage was household appliances, as well as many smaller entities mainly of Telecommunication, Construction and Production Sectors. He has advised on numerous subjective transformation transactions, intra-company negotiations and on the day-to-day operations of enterprises. For a certain period, he also conducted economic law classes at the SWPS University in Poznań.

Sławomir Parus specialises in bankruptcy and restructuring law, however he is also a specialist in Civil, Economic and Commercial Law.


ul. Wspólna 70

00-687 Warszawa

ul. Palacza 144, 60-279 Poznań

+48 798 607 482

Dietzgenstraße 85

13156 Berlin