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Sylwester Minartowicz

Barrister – Germany

Sylwester Minartowicz, a German attorney, is a graduate of the Albert Ludwig University in Freiburg. He is a member of the Berlin Bar Association. Sylwester Minartowicz has been collaborated with noted law firms in Germany for many years, where since 2013 he has specifically worked on Polish-German legal issues.
Sylwester Minartowicz is a specialist of Labour, Commercial and Company Law, cross-border debt collection and bankruptcy, including entities of Logistics, E-commerce, Professional Services, and Construction Sectors.
Sylwester Minartowicz advises clients on day-to-day business issues in Germany, and represents them before German courts as well as local government and administrative offices.


ul. Wspólna 70

00-687 Warszawa

ul. Palacza 144, 60-279 Poznań

+48 798 607 482

Dietzgenstraße 85

13156 Berlin